Design and user experience

Design and user experience (UX)

A great design is about more than aesthetics. It has to be a joy to use, and not make you think.

Great design comes from those who master their medium.

For every interactive product, the real challenge happens between conception and design: the interactive model. Proper interaction design ensures that the site or app is quick and a treat to use.

Essentially, interaction and user experience is about the dialogue and attitude thereof, between the product and its users.

Often, this intermediate but vital step is overlooked, and a pretty but interactively painful experience is the result. Turning your great concept into a product that will not retain customers.

A real treat

You can see it every day. A website or app that looks great and compelling. But after actually starting to use it, your patience wears thin. You keep hesitating in your steps. It's not really joyful to use.

This is the result of decent interaction design being glossed over.

Are you aspiring to create an interactive product, but finding it difficult to get the interactive dialogue right?

Involve a digital native in your project as early as possible. Then you can rest assured that the final product will not only be pretty, but a real treat to use, too.