Webshop with iDEAL

Webshops are an ever growing sector, in The Netherlands especially. Except in The Netherlands we expect to be able to buy at a webshop with iDEAL.

Webshop met iDEALLuckily, a web shop with iDEAL can be arranged quickly. It is up to you however whom to partner up with to get the iDEAL payment process in order.

Registering for iDEAL payments

In order to open a webshop with iDEAL, you need to choose an iDEAL payment processor. I can personally recommend Sisow. After registering an account with a payment processor, you will receive a couple of serial numbers. I will use these to identify your shop when sending orders to the payment processor. Then, your customers will be able to make purchases and pay using iDEAL.

Once your iDEAL infrastructure is in place, you face a new decision:

What kind of webshop solution should I use?

If you already have a web shop design worked out, together we can explore existing solutions that match your designs and requirements. This way development costs can be brought to a minimum. The current three most popular webshop solutions are:

WooCommerce: Simple, stable, based on WordPress

Are you familiar with WordPress and would you like to maintain your webshop the same way? Then WooCommerce might be for you.WooCommerce is an elegant, simple yet versatile webshop from the creators of the popular WooThemes themes for WordPress.

Shopify: Also simple, with less room for customization

If you want to keep development costs to a bare minimum and pay a monthly fee instead, then Shopify may be of interest. Shopify offers a growing amount of features, but you are bound to the ones they offer. You will be using Shopify as a subscription service, and recruit a designer and/or developer to tailor the visual design to your requirements.

Magento: A robust solution for heavy duty webshops

Do you intend to start a large scale webshop and expect a lot of orders? In that case a more serious solution such as Magento may be required. Expect higher development costs though.

Are you ready to open your own webshop?

Let’s talk.