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As a full stack developer, I have been developing web sites, apps and platforms for companies of different sizes since 2006.

For the past few years, I've been focused on the front end, particularly React, TypeScript and Next.js.

The code I write is as functional and as loosely coupled as possible, therefore testable. I also insist on producing clear, immediately understandable, self-explanatory code, so that anyone can resume work without depending on domain knowledge. To me, these are the two only pillars of good code, as they keep risk, cost, and friction, to a minimum.

Skill set

- Next.js
– TypeScript
– JavaScript (ES6+)
– React, React Native, Redux, MobX
– React Native (iOS and Android apps)

– Node.js, Express
– MongoDB / MySQL
Database optimisation

– Linux setup and maintenance
– MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

– Agile SCRUMM
Lean Startup

Notable projects

These are projects that I am able to list on my site. Contact me for more examples that may match your criteria.

'Fin Tech' Lead Front End

  • Built a team of highly senior Front End specialists that delivers faster than the product team can specify features

  • Prepared a greenfield tech stack in TypeScript and Next.js (React).

  • Created and developed a design system + component library in Storybook

  • Architected a configuration-driven form UI engine

  • Co-authored the product development process in a way that allows for parallel design and implementation

Visualisations of Autonomous Ships

For an AI startup aimed at making industrial and passenger ships autonomous, I worked on visualising the traffic and decision making of autonomous vessels. Our efforts were based on two open source projects of Uber’s, XVIZ and Streetscape.gl.

Besides technical development, I also contributed visual designs, such as that of control panels, a dark mode, and an icon set of categories of ships in traffic.

Techniques included:
- React
- Node.js

react developer startupIn a few months, I developed a medical chat app for one of the Netherlands' major health insurers, Het Zilveren Kruis, to run on iOS and Android. Techniques included:

– React Native
– Redux
– TypeScript
– Encrypted data transport

react developer startupFor a year, I joined Randstad in their internal venture 'Tomto'. Tomto is an online introspection and coaching programme helping employees independently put more thought into their present work situation and to plan their future. My activities included:

– Concept development
– Design strategies
– Development in an ES7 React / Node.js stack
– Lean startup metrics
– Server ops & containerization in Dokku (Docker/Heroku)
– Security improvements

react redux ontwikkelaar

For Telegraaf Media Groep, for 4 months, I worked on a new site for DFT / Kennis, the knowledge portal for De Financiële Telegraaf. The site is a web app written entirely in React and Redux, also using Webpack and PostCSS. My work consisted of:

– Setting up a React, Redux, Webpack stack
– Setting up Universal server side rendering using Node.js
– Implementation of designs in PostCSS
– State management using Redux, connected to a REST API
– Continuous integration using Jenkins

ionic framework developer

Development of a mobile human resource management field guide, as a mobile app, in Ionic Framework, aimed at HR managers at clients of Tempo Team.

ontwikkelaar pluspower

Development as a team, in AngularJS, of a campaign site aimed at job seekers over 50, for Randstad NV.

react ontwikkelaar

For a start-up in lead generation, I worked on the design and implementation of a React.JS front-end with a Node.JS back-end. My work consisted of:

– Redesign of the user interface
– A more consistent and simpler DOM structure
– Overhaul of the structure of the SASS stylesheets.

ontwikkelaar goeievraag

For Sanoma, for 3½ years I solo maintained and further developed GoeieVraag.nl, a Dutch Q&A platform that is now Sanoma’s #2 site (after NU.nl) and the country’s #17 site in terms of reach. GoeieVraag is visited by 4 million unique users on a monthly basis. My work consisted mainly of:

– Concept: Improving the concept and user experience
– Design: Guiding and implementing a complete redesign
– Development: Modernising the API into a RESTful API
– Performance: Stabilising and optimizing the MySQL database against heavy traffic, improving systems architecture and hardening the caching layers

node ontwikkelaar

For Randstad's 55th anniversary, a party for thousands of employees was accompanied by a teaser app for iOS and Android. The most noteworthy feature was tracking movement on the dance floor for competitive display in a top 20 on a large screen. Another feature was a wheel of fortune type game with prize inventory management. My work consisted of:

– Developing a back-end in NodeJS, Express and KeystoneJS for receiving location data and managing content as well as prize inventory
– Developing a cross-platform mobile app in Cordova and Ionic Framework
– Developing a web app for displaying a dance floor motion top 20 on a projector

nulive ontwikkelaar

Another project at Sanoma, NU Live, detected trending topics on social media and aggregated news articles into a socially driven news feed. NU Live offered trending topics before Twitter did. My work consisted of:

– Continued development of the site
– Introducing an MVC design pattern to the code base
– Introducing a framework (CodeIgniter)
– Database-optimisation
– Improvements to the visual design

ontwikkelaar trackie Independently, as a startup, I designed and developed Trackie, an issue tracker (project management) on the Web. At the time, I couldn’t find an issue tracker that I was confortable showing to clients, so I decided to roll my own. The end result was a software as a service with monthly subscription plans. My work on Trackie consisted of:

– Interaction design and user experience design
– Visual design of the brand and product
– Database architecture and optimisation
– Front end and back end development of the web app
– Setting up the pricing plans, subscriptions and payment processes

ontwikkelaar iceageiceFor Ice Age Ice, a brand of ice cubes available at supermarkets and gas stations, I developed the entire order system, in PHP. My work consisted of:

– Designing and developing an order portal for clients
– Automatically calculating delivery days for each order
– Forwarding a schedule of deliveries to logistics partners

ontwikkelaar pinpoints

Briefly after the iOS (then iPhone OS) App Store opened in 2008, I found that there were no ATM finders for the Netherlands being offered. So I developed one, the first of its kind. Later I had to retract the app when Google Maps’ terms of use changed to disallow for their use in mobile apps. My work on my app consisted of:

– Gathering GPS coordinates of ATMs from websites of banks
– Developing a back-end that would serve the coordinates along with their types of ATMs
– Developing an app based on PhoneGap
– Displaying ATMs on the map using coloured markers (custom markers didn’t exist then)
– Offering the app in the App Store.


This is only a brief impression of my work. Other projects included several corporate websites, webshops, blogs, fulfillment systems and web apps, including a number of startups. Depending on what you’re looking for, I can show you additional, more relevant projects.

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