A serious project calls for an experienced developer.

As a full stack developer, I have been developing web sites, apps and platforms for companies of different sizes since 2006.

Skill set

- Web sites, web apps, mobile apps
Web shops
Payments (iDEAL, credit cards)
APIs (RESTful servers & clients)
Responsive design
- Search engine optimization (SEO)

– JavaScript (ES6)
– React + Redux
– AngularJS (1.x)
– WebPack, Gulp, Grunt, npm
– Cordova / PhoneGap,
Ionic Framework
(iOS and Android apps)

– Node.JS + Express, MongoDB
Database optimisation

– React JS + Redux
– Angular JS
- Ionic Framework
- Express
- Keystone JS
– WordPress
– Symfony
– CodeIgniter
– Yii
– Zend Framework

– MEAN (Mongo Express Angular Node)
– LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP)

– Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat)
– Nginx, Apache, Lighttpd
– MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB

– Agile SCRUMM
Lean Startup

Notable projects

These are projects that I am able to list on my site. Contact me for more examples that may match your criteria.

react redux ontwikkelaar

For Telegraaf Media Groep, I built a new site for DFT / Kennis, the knowledge portal for De Financiële Telegraaf. The site is a web app written entirely in React and Redux, also using Webpack and PostCSS. My work consisted of:

– Setting up a React, Redux, Webpack stack
– Setting up Universal server side rendering using Node.js
– Implementation of designs in PostCSS
– State management using Redux, connected to a REST API
– Continuous integration using Jenkins

Tempo-Team HR-app

Development of a mobile human resource management field guide, as a mobile app, in Ionic Framework, aimed at HR managers at clients of Tempo Team.

ontwikkelaar pluspower

Development as a team, in AngularJS, of a campaign site aimed at job seekers over 50, for Randstad NV.

Lead generation front-end in React.JS

For a start-up in lead generation, I worked on the design and implementation of a React.JS front-end with a Node.JS back-end. My work consisted of:

– Redesign of the user interface
– A more consistent and simpler DOM structure
– Overhaul of the structure of the SASS stylesheets.

ontwikkelaar goeievraag

For Sanoma, for 3½ years I developed GoeieVraag.nl, a Dutch Q&A platform that is now Sanoma’s #2 site (after NU.nl) and the country’s #17 site in terms of reach. GoeieVraag is visited by 4 million unique users on a monthly basis. My work consisted mainly of:

– Concept: Improving the concept and user experience
– Design: Guiding and implementing a complete redesign
– Development: Modernising the API into a RESTful API
– Performance: Stabilising and optimizing the MySQL database against heavy traffic, improving systems architecture and hardening the caching layers

Randstad Jubilee app for iOS and Android

For Randstad's 55th anniversary, a party for thousands of employees was accompanied by a teaser app for iOS and Android. The most noteworthy feature was tracking movement on the dance floor for competitive display in a top 20 on a large screen. Another feature was a wheel of fortune type game with prize inventory management. My work consisted of:

– Developing a back-end in NodeJS, Express and KeystoneJS for receiving location data and managing content as well as prize inventory
– Developing a cross-platform mobile app in Cordova and Ionic Framework
– Developing a web app for displaying a dance floor motion top 20 on a projector

nulive ontwikkelaar

Another project at Sanoma, NU Live, detected trending topics on social media and aggregated news articles into a socially driven news feed. NU Live offered trending topics before Twitter did. My work consisted of:

– Continued development of the site
– Introducing an MVC design pattern to the code base
– Introducing a framework (CodeIgniter)
– Database-optimisation
– Improvements to the visual design

ontwikkelaar trackie Independently, as a startup, I designed and developed Trackie, an issue tracker (project management) on the Web. At the time, I couldn’t find an issue tracker that I was confortable showing to clients, so I decided to roll my own. The end result was a software as a service with monthly subscription plans. My work on Trackie consisted of:

– Interaction design and user experience design
– Visual design of the brand and product
– Database architecture and optimisation
– Front end and back end development of the web app
– Setting up the pricing plans, subscriptions and payment processes

ontwikkelaar iceageiceFor Ice Age Ice, a brand of ice cubes available at supermarkets and gas stations, I developed the entire order system, in PHP. My work consisted of:

– Designing and developing an order portal for clients
– Automatically calculating delivery days for each order
– Forwarding a schedule of deliveries to logistics partners

ontwikkelaar pinpoints

Briefly after the iOS (then iPhone OS) App Store opened in 2008, I found that there were no ATM finders for the Netherlands being offered. So I developed one, the first of its kind. Later I had to retract the app when Google Maps’ terms of use changed to disallow for their use in mobile apps. My work on my app consisted of:

– Gathering GPS coordinates of ATMs from websites of banks
– Developing a back-end that would serve the coordinates along with their types of ATMs
– Developing an app based on PhoneGap
– Displaying ATMs on the map using coloured markers (custom markers didn’t exist then)
– Offering the app in the App Store.


This is only a brief impression of my work. Other projects included several corporate websites, webshops, blogs, fulfillment systems and web apps, including a number of startups. Depending on what you’re looking for, I can show you additional, more relevant projects.

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